Tint Master Mackay do window tinting better than anyone else and we gauruntee it. Tinting is not tinting...there are many different types and styles and films. Some tints are illegal, some tints dont work efectively and some tints just dont last.

By having your vehicle protected by Tint Master you know it is the best value for money, will do the best job, protect your family and look great adding more value to your vehicle.

So dont just get window tinting get Tint master and have the best!

Plus at Tint master we also have a great range of accessories for performance, looks and style.

We do rustproofing, electronically and spraying. Plus we also offer car care systems from cleaning to leather care.

So no matter what the vehicle, no matter what the requirement, if it is to ad value, safety and style to your vehicle we can do it...and do it well.

For a quote on any of the Tint Master products or to find out what else we have to offer drop in, call us or just click here